Flavored Oil Condiment Spray base of Sunflower Oil

For consumers beware of their pocket but who do not renounce to the good taste we thought to create the Oil Condiment Spray base of Sunflower oil flavored with the following aromas:

  • chili pepper, best with your pasta, risotto, soups, red meat and vegetables;
  • basil, best with your pizza, pasta, appetizers, grilled and baked vegetables;
  • black truffle, best with your risotto, pasta, eggs, cheese and grilled meat;
  • porcini mushrooms, best with your risotto, pasta, eggs, grilled vegetables and meat.
  • lemon, best with your salads, vegetables, risotto, pasta, white meat and fish.

The Oil Condiment Spray by Toccofinale is a new concept of product unique in its typology with an innovative packaging in the 60ml PET “pocket size” spray bottle.
Easy to use, the special spray dispenser avoids the waste of product and, at the same time, allows to control calories intake. Provided with quality seal and anti-refilling cap, it is synonymous with quality and food safety for protection of consumers’ interests.

Available sizes