Quality standards

Verdeoro has been certified in both BRC and IFS food standards for many years. The quality standards manual and procedures are something Verdeoro places high importance to follow in order to guarantee the safety and legality of all products. All the tests conducted are done so at the beginning and the end of the production process to ensure quality.
These specific chemical and microbiological analyses are carried out by an affiliated and accreditated laboratory, which is specialized in olive oil research. This is important in order to keep a close eye on every phase of the production process as well as ensuring always the highest quality product.
Verdeoro has always invested in technology and quality to offer consumers the best. This is confirmed by continuous technological investments and attention to environmental and quality standards. It is in fact the special attention to the environment in which Verdeoro has managed to grow.
As previously mentioned, Verdeoro is certified by both the IFS and BRC standards which ensures high quality olive oil. Verdeoro is also proud to be certified by the Orthodox Union Certification for all its products and by ICEA for Organic product. In addition, Verdeoro is certified according to ISO 9001 quality standards.


• ISO 9001:2008 (1)                                                                    • ISO 9001:2008 (2)

• KOSHER (OU)                                                                           • ICEA BIO – IT BIO 006 G2252